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Will the Honeybee Survive?

“In the lion’s skeleton he [Samson] found a swarm of bees, and honey. He scooped it into his palms and ate it as he went along…. Out of the eater…

ERETZ Unplugged

Blue Skies, Blue Walls, Blue Eyes

It was midnight in the ancient cemetery of Safed on a dark, moonless night. It was rosh hodesh, the beginning of the month according to the Jewish calendar, and a…

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Three Single Tracks Around Arad

The Israel Bike Trail does not yet reach Arad, but desert biking enthusiasts visiting Arad need not despair. They can enjoy these three single track options, that range from difficult…

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The Jewish War

Order: Masada – Unfathomable Depths “I – Josephus, son of Matthias, a Hebrew by race, a native of Jerusalem and a priest, who at the opening of the war myself…

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