ERETZ Unplugged

The Masada Dig Anniversary

At six in the morning, October 13, 1963, in the 10-months-old town of Arad, overlooking the Judean Desert, a stream of volunteers began to assemble. “They arrived by bus, or…

Nature & Environment

Kayaks on the Med

Ilan Sahar and Eyal Vardi combined their love of the sea with their love of woodworking to embark on a new adventure: crafting a seaworthy kayak with their own hands.…

Books & Publications

Masada Unfathomable Depths

Many years ago, in the small hours of a steaming hot August night, I drove my battered 19-year-old Renault 16, a car envisioned to get the French farmer to his…

People & Events

The Galilean Warrior

Yehuda Avni came to the Galilee in the 1950s, from his native Chicago. His dream was to build a horse-ranch above the Sea of Galilee, where visitors could ride in…